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This page was started by volunteer friends of Camp Shoshanah because we've been blessed by it's ministry!!  We're a 'Fan Site' !!

In 1970 the Messianic Movement was gaining attention. Two young Jewish believers, Arnold Fruchtenbaum and Joe Finkelstein were tasked
with arranging a conference for the "Young Hebrew-Christian Alliance". For several days they drove around Pennsylvania, New York & New Jersey
visiting conference and college facilities, finally choosing Messiah College in Grantham Pennsylvania to host the gathering. Conference speakers
included Jewish believers Barry Leventhal, Arthur Katz, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Marty Chernoff, Sandra Sheskin, Jeff Adler and Victor Buksbazen.


In the late 1980's, this Israeli Comic Strip hung in the Dining Room, with the name 'Arnold' over the original Noah,
as Ariel tried to raise money to put up new buildings at Camp Shoshanah.


In September 2007, this title led the Camp blessing report

2011 promo for Camp with the teaching staff

Heavy rains in June & July 2013 prompted this emergency e-mail blast

2016 promo for Camp with the teaching staff

2016 promo for Camp with photos from 2015


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