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This page contains photos of the Camp Shoshanah Messianic Bible Study Camp taken during 1982. While the main purpose of Camp is the study of the Scriptures from the original  Jewish frame of reference, we always manage to have a lot of Kosher fun, and these photos mainly show the fun!  (all photos by Mottel B)

Barney K. leads worship alongside Trout Pond, a little up the path from where we meet now. Among those sitting on the "float: are, from left:
Milt M, Dan & Arlene R, Lorraine R, Marlene L, Deborah B, Donna B, Greg & Linda H, with Louis L and Barry L in the center.

Ruth Wardell is a long-time Messianic Children's worker. She led the Kids program in 1982, clearly a hit !! A Passover Seder Plate is the shiny item at top right.

The Girls show off their projects. Note the vintage "Beth Sar Shalom" songbooks & the Rosh HaShana, Yom Kippur & Purim posters.
A Bible centered Messianic Jewish curriculum was always what Miss Ruth had for the kids at Camp Shoshanah.

Miss Ruth Wardell on the Accordion !!

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum teaches. In 1982 the lecture hall was not yet built, all classes were held in the Dining Hall.

The legendary Mrs. Dorothea Starks took over the Kitchen as Chief Cook around 1978, serving over 25 years.  Looks like she's making Kringle, mmmm!

Mrs. Deborah B served as Assistant Cook from 1980 to 1989, making her famous Shabbos Challah.  (Yes, a Sephardic Jewish girl making Challah)
Before Deb's arrival, Challah was an occasional post-Hippie Whole Wheat mass. Deb's recipe is the one in the published Camp Cookbook.

At left, Mrs. B uses a traditional feather baster to coat the Challah before baking,
and fresh out of the oven, oh, if only you had Smell-O-Vision,
you would understand what "Geshmacht" means.


In 1982 the Dining Hall was small and you entered through a side door. (that wall is now inside the enlarged kitchen!)
For Camp veterans, note where the "Bell" is. Here, people are waiting for Shabbat Dinner to begin.
Near the window at right are Burl Haynie, Bible Teacher, and Ruth Wardell, Children's Worker, both central to the founding of the program.
From left, here's my best recollection: Betty M, Richard B, Paul D, Mark C, Louis L, unknown, Marlene L, unknown. At right, Jerry G.


As the Shabbat service begins, Arnold Fruchtenbaum pronounces the prayer, and breaks the bread.
Also here are Mary & Barry Leventhal,  early 80's worker Marilyn J. and Mrs. MaryAnn Fruchtenbaum


Some of the students shared music on talent night, as did Ken & Ruth on this evening in 1982


Yes, it's humorous skit night, as Mottel, Arnold & Avner judge a case

Barry, the defendant, is clueless about the charges. We love Barry !!


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