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This page contains photos of the Camp Shoshanah Messianic Bible Study Camp taken during 1984. While the main purpose of Camp is the study of the Scriptures from the original  Jewish frame of reference, and everyone is there for that reason, we always manage to have a lot of Kosher fun, and these photos mainly show the fun! 

The weekly group photo, 1984.

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum teaches a Bible class

Marlene is saying the best bagels are made in the Bronx, Ken is saying, no, Baltimore is best. Lori is thinking that Jersey has the best,
but as always, is too polite to say so. Your Editor knows for sure that Brooklyn makes the best Bagels, but he was busy taking this photo.

Arnold answers questions after class.

Dan & Arlene Rigney always had a group of believers from Baltimore in the early years.

Dr. Barry Leventhal teaches

Arnold and Mary Ann Fruchtenbaum, 1984

Cookout and singing on the beach

Mottel, Barney & Liz lead singing

Linda & Deborah sing along

While Paul & Mottel lead singing, others do other things other than what Paul & Mottel are doing. That made sense, right?

Dave Walz builds the staircase to the new addition on the main building. Dr. Jack stands by in case of injury.

Author & Bible teacher Burl Haynie, at left, was always happy to answer questions.

There were worship services on Sunday. Looks like an up and coming rookie had the podium.

Looks like someone pulled out a Hebrew / English Bible to prove their point. Teacher & Bible Scholar Dr. Greg Hagg is called upon, stay tuned . . .

Both Claude and Barry teach Biblical Greek.

Dr. Greg wanted to discuss Historical Theology. Dr Jack wanted to discuss Internal Medicine. They wound up talking blintzes.

Keith, Kenny & Marcus. Just 3 hungry Bible students waiting for lunch to begin.

In 1984 the new addition to the old dining was just built. The raised stage withstood this talent show combination.

Michael & Eva with their friend Carolyn, and lots of other friends !

Messianic Bible Teacher Michael Rydelnik & friends Lorraine P, ???, and Keith M.

After 3 attempts to write a caption that makes sense to someone who wasn't there, we'll just say: "A moment in time at Camp 1984".

Erev Shabbat Dinner, from left, Dan & Arlene, Arnold, Carolyn, Barney.

After classes, Chess was popular. David looks like he has his Dad stumped.

Dot & Carl Starks led an all-star kitchen crew.

Looks like Deb B. is making Garlic Bread, Yum !

In 1984 the Hilton and CS Building were less than half the size they are today, and there was no Lecture Hall, just trees beyond the buildings.

In 1984 the main building was the Kitchen, Lecture Hall, the Dining Hall, the Recreation Hall, the Rehearsal Studios, the . . .

Troy is loading 35mm film into his camera while all the "singles" get ready to look photogenic

Yes, it's Extravaganza night, and the kids are about to start their skit.

The kids took turns jumping off the hill by the lake. A good time was had by all.


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