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Photos of Ariel Ministries Camp Shoshanah Messianic Bible Study program of 1987. While the main purpose of Camp is the study of the Scriptures from a Jewish frame of reference, we always have a lot of Kosher fun, and these photos mainly show the fun!

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum teaches at the 1987 Messianic Bible Study Program at the old dining hall

Lighting the Candles on Erev Shabbat

Erev Shabbat Dinner with our own homemade Challah

A family sings during Talent Night

Israeli Dancing was popular after classes


Singing during the Erev Shabbat Dinner

Every year features a talent night, and in 1987 the teens did a skit

Dr. Greg Hagg teaches Bible


California vs. New York - Troy vs. Adam

At a Bible Camp, this is high Comedy                                                              Don't worry, they're best of friends

Troy convinced these guys to carry him around Camp

Troy makes friends everywhere !

Two from New York, Two from New Jersey !

Friday evening Shabbat Service and meal Messianic Camp Shoshanah 1987
Friday evening Shabbat Service and meal at Messianic Camp Shoshanah

Arnold & Mary Ann Fruchtenbaum lead the Friday evening Shabbat Service and meal

Arnold & Mary Ann Fruchtenbaum, 1987

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