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This page contains photos of the Camp Shoshanah Messianic Bible Study Camp taken during 2002.  While the main purpose of Camp is the study of the Scriptures from a Jewish frame of reference, we always manage to have lots of Kosher fun, and these photos mainly show the fun!  We would love to add your special Camp photo to these pages, just send a clear scan of it as a .jpg to us. Address all e-mails to:  MessiahNJ @  (just remove the spaces in the address, an anti-spam measure)

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Mottel teaches at the Lecture Hall where the Adult Bible classes are held. Those big
Air Conditioning vents are a major aid to learning, thanks Gary & The Sowers
and all who contributed !!

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Some of the Ladies. The foreign countries represented are England,
Germany, Israel, Japan, New Jersey & Brooklyn!!

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Mottel, Jeff & Gary declare:  "Messianic Jewish Baby-Boomers Rule !!!!"

p02krav.JPG (68561 bytes)
Ben, Marcus, Casey & Yaffe declare: "Messianic Jewish Teens Rule, Dude !!!"

p02teens.JPG (73348 bytes)
Some of the Camp Shoshanah Teens, Top L to R, Danny, Max, Sara, Ben, ??,
Joanna & Yaffe. Bottom: Shoshanah, Casey & Marcus

p02tnsing.JPG (63727 bytes)
Teens try clapping on time. (Oh well, some careers don't require clapping)

p02dock.JPG (70515 bytes)
Here's the 'Postcard View' of
"Lovely Trout Pond, nestled in the pristine Adirondack Mountains"

Nick Maroudas of Australia was a student at Camp and sent these Camp 2002 photos:

They just met 2 weeks ago and they're friends for life!

Manly men go hiking.

Almost all were in their seats 5 minutes before class. A miracle!

Matthew & Nick came to Camp seeking a Mountaintop experience. They found it on top of Whiteface, 40 minutes from Camp.

Outsiders say: Dr. Fruchtenbaum says the blessing over the bread Friday eve
Insiders say: Arnold says the Motzi over the Challah on Shabbos

Is it Whiteface or Mt. Gilboa?, only Arnie knows for sure!

AGF with 3 Aussies. Hold unto your camera Arnold.

Mmm, Ice Tea at Outdoor Cafe in the Adirondacks, what could be finer?!

John of Australia, Sharon of Canada, Michiko of Japan - 3 Continents!!

Michiko, John, Sarah, The Frucht & Nick

Al & Clara swap wisdom with Dr. Fruchtenbaum

Did you ever go to the top of Whiteface Mountain, look out over Lake Placid, only to have your ears clog up??? This fellow did!

Mottel with Sheryl & Terry Z, discussing which of the 12 Tribes they're all from

A meeting of great minds. They kindly allowed Mottel to observe.

Rachel F. shows off her Guitar skills

Rachel and Mom Janet


With the warm side lighting & that family reunion feel, this is either a Kodak film ad from the late 80's or Camp Shoshanah 2002.

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