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This page contains MANY photos of the Ariel Ministries Camp Shoshanah Messianic Bible Study Camp taken during 2003. When we identify people, it will be by first name only, other than for teachers. While the main purpose of Camp is the study of the Scriptures from a Jewish frame of reference, we always manage to have a lot of Kosher fun, and these photos mainly show the fun!
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Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Messianic Jewish Author & Teacher, 
Dallas Cowboys Fan
p03laur.JPG (19087 bytes)
Lauren (with baby Chana) was voted:
"Happiest New Jewish Mom in Brooklyn"
p03miri.JPG (15146 bytes)
Miri smiles on Shabbat

p03baby.JPG (15353 bytes)
Babies & Camp Shoshanah, Perfect Together

p03david.JPG (14479 bytes)
David always had a smile !
p03dan.JPG (23735 bytes)
Dan Rigney, one of the most faithful servants of Messiah we know
p03shofar2.JPG (20110 bytes)
Samuel practices for Rosh HaShanah.
Tekiah, Shevarim, Teruah !!
p03will.JPG (18654 bytes)
Dr. Will wore Hawaiian shirts to teach Jewish history, that's Chutzpah !!
p03mot.JPG (16472 bytes)
"Who Me? You think I swiped your Bagel?! You've wounded me"
p03shofar3.JPG (17376 bytes)
Nicole says: "Redheads have a natural ability to sound the Shofar"
p03sam.JPG (16221 bytes)
Sam Nadler, Messianic Teacher, Pastor, Harmonica Player
p03ger.JPG (15625 bytes)
Teacher Steve Ger, a nice Jewish boy from New Jersey, now in Texas
p03shofar4.JPG (20362 bytes)
Nikki practices Tekiah Gedolah
p03shofar.JPG (17709 bytes)
Tekiah Gedolah proves too much for Naomi !
p03class3.JPG (89011 bytes)
Students diligently take notes as Dr. Fruchtenbaum teaches. (wait, is that a Lollipop in Allan's hand ?!!)
p03kidcertif.JPG (99513 bytes)
Kids get their Character awards at the end of class. (Julia found a novel use for hers)
p03band1.JPG (45705 bytes)
Each class begins with 2 Praise songs, some in English, some in Hebrew
Dennis, Jim, Rebecca, Jeff & Betsy
p03kitchen.JPG (22112 bytes)
Sower Ed S, Chef Andy & the Kitchen Staff did a GREAT JOB

p03teenshab.JPG (136093 bytes)
Some of the Teen & College group get ready for Shabbat. L to R: Michael, Max, Danny, "Joy", Monica, Shoshanah, Fabrizio, Mike, Casey, Jordan

David & Danielle are sure that everyone will dress like this in the Kingdom
p03shabkids.JPG (42549 bytes)
Kids Sing Shirei Shabbat 
(Sabbath Songs)

The Beth Messiah Congregation/north Jersey crew, from left: Craig, Greg, Mottel, Allan, Liz & Len, Howard & Lori

Allan, Howard & Len, 3 nice Jewish boys, from Beth Messiah, a nice Messianic congregation


Friday early evening, lighting the Shabbos candles

Thanks to Murray, Howard & Mottel for the Photos !

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