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This page contains MANY photos of the Ariel Ministries Camp Shoshanah Messianic Bible Study Camp taken during 2003. While the main purpose of Camp is the study of the Scriptures from a Jewish frame of reference, we always manage to have lots of Kosher fun, and these photos mainly show the fun!


p03agf-class.JPG (84110 bytes)
Dr. Fruchtenbaum teaches, we all take copious notes, even Sharon
p03class1.JPG (52690 bytes)
Another view of the Lecture Hall  (coffee & snacks allowed, that's Grace!)
p03teen01.JPG (12877 bytes)
Sarah sports the latest in Teen neckwear, Cowrie Shells
p03jeffuke.JPG (14931 bytes)
Flamingo Jeff & his Ukulele
p03max.JPG (17689 bytes)
Max says "a goatee at age 17,
no problem dude!"
p03greg.JPG (17976 bytes)
Greg says: "Let me show you these new photos of my Granddaughter"
p03Lorainne.JPG (16950 bytes)
Lorraine: "For you, Bubbeleh, I'll share my Gefilte Fish recipe"
p03shat.JPG (17628 bytes)
Betsy was one of the sweet voices that led us in song

p03lori-shab2.JPG (21276 bytes)
Lighting the Shabbos candles

p03garyder.JPG (8102 bytes)
Gary Derechinsky - Great Dad,
Caring Husband,
Superb Bible Teacher,
Heimishe Yid,
Exegete of Dylan
p03play.JPG (73109 bytes)
It sure looks like 'Biblical Character Day'
p03playgd.JPG (112496 bytes)
Our Playground - Summer 2003
p03mot-band.JPG (24495 bytes)
Mottel leads worship, Dennis, Jeff & Howard play
p03mar-ray.JPG (21827 bytes)
Marlene & Rafael discuss Theology with The Frucht
(Truthfully, the subject was the Best Blintzes in The Bronx)
p03matt4.JPG (31890 bytes)
From Left: Anne, Jenny, Matt, Susan & Anya like Camp soooooooo much that they come back every year !
p03mot-dave.JPG (23270 bytes)
Mottel & David Z, two nice Jewish boys, who believe in a nice Jewish Messiah, and attend a nice Messianic Jewish Camp, isn't that nice ?!!
p03anashim.jpg (18760 bytes)
Shirley v'Yossi shir shirim shel Yeshua
p03mishanori.JPG (20095 bytes)
Nori & Misha plan to take Jeff's Ukulele to Japan and become the first Japanese Ukulele Stars
p03ilyan.JPG (21920 bytes)
The World Debut of
"Sonata for Two Violins and a Slightly Used Yamaha"

p03pjday.JPG (104805 bytes)
We're sure there's a perfectly good reason why Teen Group leaders run "Wear your PJ's to class day".
Anyway, those standing are (L to R) Rachel, Hannah, Ken the fearless Leader, Yaffie (who really likes toast), Danny- who was asked to think about lunch just before the photo was snapped, Peter, Max, (no, not THE Peter Max), and seated: "Joy", Monica, Eva and Sarah. Just out of view at right is Jon who requested a $500 appearance fee if we show any part of his body. Sure Jon, the check's in the mail.

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