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This page contains photos of the Ariel Ministries Camp Shoshanah Messianic Bible Study Camp taken during 2004. While the main purpose of Camp is the study of the Scriptures from a Jewish frame of reference, we always manage to have a lot of Kosher fun, and these photos mainly show the fun!

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum teaching Life of Messiah

The main purpose of Camp is the study of the Scriptures from a Jewish frame of reference, leading to our being better disciples of the Messiah

Each Friday we have a special Shabbat Dinner, which starts with the
lighting of the Sabbath candles.

Steve Ger, a Messianic Jewish Teacher, is one of the instructors

On of our Children's classes. When the Camera came out, half wanted to make a happy face, half wanted to make a scary face. Democracy in action

Eating your fill of 'Smores always puts a smile on the faces of Jewish kids

Julia makes an Israeli Flag necklace to go with her American Flag TeeShirt

Da boyz in da Camp.


Two of our young teens prepare to go on a long sea journey.
They were back at the Dining Hall by dinner.

Rehearsing her lines in the 'Play'

Everybody loved the clubhouse!

Sisters & Brothers take care of each other

Swing for four

Mottel Baleston Arnold Fruchtenbaum Messianic Jewish Teachers
Two of the Bible Teachers: Mottel Baleston & Arnold Fruchtenbaum, 2004.

The Ariel Messianic Bible Study Summer Program at Camp Shoshanah is arranged so that the entire set of courses we offer is fully covered during a cycle of five summers. You may begin at any time. A certificate is given to those completing the 5 year cycle with a minimum 2 weeks each summer.
In 2004, these students completed and were awarded Certificates:
upper left: Jenny,  upper right: Christiane,
left, Laura & Neil who also volunteered as servers in 2004.

Anachnu Garim b'Yisrael, Anachnu B'yad Yisrael !!

LOOK OUT !! It's wear your pajamas day !

Everyone on that hill was from Canada, Amazing !

Hi from Ron & Sue!

Mary & Gene still have that Newlywed Glow

Skit Time - Sharon: "Gevald, is that the best answer you have?!!"

The Arlie & Dennis Traveling Medicine Show

The Shabbat Dinner on Friday evening is a highlight of the week.

Video from Shabbat Dinner 2004 - Song: We Delight in Your Shabbat

Video from Shabbat Dinner 2004 - Song: Shabbat Shalom

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