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This page contains many photos of the Camp Shoshanah Messianic Bible Study Camp taken during 2007. While the main purpose of Camp is the study of the Scriptures from a Jewish frame of reference, leading to our being better disciples of the Messiah, we always manage to have a lot of Kosher fun, and these photos mainly show the fun!  We would love to add your special Camp photo to these pages, just send a clear scan of it as a .jpg to us.
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The main purpose of our Messianic Family Camp is the study of Scripture from its' original Jewish perspective.

Messianic Jewish Leaders 2007
Three Nice Jewish Boys. Jerry's from the Bronx, Mottel and Steve are from Brooklyn. Get ready to rumble.

Ruth Wardell is always surrounded by friends

A very special Messianic Jewish family

Every Sunday we have a cookout by the beach and Israeli dancing for all who are

Three out of Three Jewish Girls like Camp Shoshanah

The ancient Jewish custom of THE GROUP UMBRELLA CLUSTER

In rapt attention in morning Bible class

Gideon had 300 mighty men, Arlie has 2.

Eight Jewish kids face the camera.    um . . . Michael,   Michael,   earth to Michael !

The praise group leads joyful singing
messianic jewish music worship
Looks like we're singing Shalu Shalom Yirushaliyim

Presentation by the Children's program. Thanks to all !

This distinguished looking fellow is wearing an official Camp shirt, he must be one of the machers.

Mottel lecturing on Messianic Jewish issues, or was this the time he went on and on about Kasha Knishes?

On the right is the old Dining Hall, on the left is the new Dining Hall, still under construction

This group of SOWERS helped us with so many
aspects of camp, THANKS!!

The interior of the new Dining Hall, almost finished!

These teens seem to prefer the new Dining Hall unfinished !

Kids enjoying a Bible Arts & Crafts project

One of the Bible classes

At the start of the Shabbat Dinner, we sing!

Gathering at our lake for an immersion service

Whether their native tongue is Hebrew, German, or English, with all 3 represented here,
these kids have a great time staging a reenactment of the crossing of the Red Sea. Every detail was accurate. Not!

In the afternoon there's time to catch fish using hooks baited with Matzah Balls. Three Gefilte Fish were reeled in.

You're all from Canada, eh?

Dr. Fruchtenbaum teaches a Bible Class - Even the T-shirts spread the message!

The highest peak in New York State is Whiteface Mountain, and it's just 55 minutes from Camp ! - Intrepid International Students

The Ladies of the Ladies Dorm Pose Like Real Ladies

Thanks to Ralph, Lori, Howard, Tirza & Mottel for the Photos !

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