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Three Week Camp July 20 - August 9

This page contains photos of the Camp Shoshanah Messianic Bible Study Camp taken during 2008. While the main purpose of Camp is the study of the Scriptures from a Jewish frame of reference, leading to our being better disciples of the Messiah, we always manage to have a lot of Kosher fun, and these photos mainly show the fun! 

This is either a mega "Simon Says", or "Walk thru the Bible"

On the 9th attempt, almost everyone was smiling!   First week of Three week Camp.

Mottel teaches 'The Plan of the Ages'

Steven Ger, a nice  Jewish boy from Brooklyn, taught
"The Spiritual Life" .  .  .

.  .  .  and David, a nice Jewish boy from the Hudson Valley,
ran the Video camera in HD !!

Dr. Fruchtenbaum taught the "Life of Messiah" class with the aid of a PowerPoint projector. He sure liked using that clicker!

Sonata in D minor for Guitar, Alto and 2 Mandolins.
Dennis, Dr. Barg, Betsy & Jim

Simon leads our Chorus: Arlie, Dan, Ron, Bryan, Laura,
Terrie, Sue, Rebecca & Martha

Rivkah, Tovyah, Judeya & Zael before they became famous

Mottel teaches a teen class. They were on the edge of their seats and listened in eager anticipation as the Dispensations were skillfully presented.
.  .  .  Ok, Ok, so they weren't exactly on the edge of their seats.

Splish, Splash on the private Camp beach

"Henry, Mac, Allison, Beth & Tirza", a 70's music group,
just re-formed for a reunion concert at Camp.

Enjoying Shabbat Dinner:
Steve & Adria, Jerry & Martha & families


at right, lighting the Shabbat candles

Dan & Arlene Rigney, faithful servants

Ron & Sue give singing demonstrations and act as temporary Grandparents

2 out of 2 Jewish girls agree, Camp Shoshanah is GREAT !!

Jim, Rebecca, Simon, Deborah & Dennis,
(right to left, Hebrew order)

The 2008 Youth & Teen Program Staff, Set Designers, Dialogue Coaches, Recreational Directors, Worship leaders, Schelppers & Brain Trust:
Daniel, Ariel, Michael.  Kol ha Kvod.

da girlz in da camp
Judeya, Naomi, Simone, Jenny, Anita

Dennis says Mandolins start to sound good once they're past 50 years old

Beth & Tirza chill at the cookout

Aunt Adria & Whittaker pose on Shabbat

Cast of " The Messianic View " - Natalia, Sharon, Martha, Noemi

Dennis looks like he's just seen a Golem, Betsy looks radiant as usual

Jerry demonstrates his multi-tasking Breakfast, with Michael's assistance.

SOWERS! George & Beth, Harold & Phyllis, Bob & Nadine, Charlie & Deanna, Dennis & Mary, Mal & Debbie

SOWER Men work on the new Hall

Servants on Wheels Ever Ready (Sowers) are a group of recent retirees who travel via RV's and help ministries like ours with physical needs. They wired the new building, and helped with the Kitchen & many other tasks.  THANKS SOWERS!

Looks like the Camp Office is selling lots of Ice Cream & Snapple!!

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