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Just for Fun, extra photos of Teens & Kids

This page is in addition to the main 2008 photo pages, since so many people had digital cameras, and since all the kids - teens - young people (choose your fave term) wanted to see themselves, this page is presented.  While the main purpose of Camp is the study of the Scriptures from a Jewish frame of reference, we always manage to have a lot of Kosher fun, and these photos mainly show the fun!
Most of these photos were taken by parents of the kids shown, with copies given to Mottel for this site.
Thanks to Lori, Jerry, David & Daniel for the photos !

Self-arranging for the group photo, little ones in front

Students & Teachers. What a smart looking group !!


Korean, French and English spoken. After a week at Camp, they had also picked up some Yiddish.




Daniel, Arielle, with Michael standing on the uphill side. Nice move Michael.

On a day trip to a local Adirondack farm, this was heard: "Mommy, he just asked to come home with us"

Just before they were stopped for breaking the speed limit, Anita, Judeya, Naomi, Outlaw Golf-Carters

Two Junior NASCAR drivers and their pit crew,
Wayne & Christiane, Dominic & Marcus


Uncle Daniel & Judeya

"Smile if you want some Watermelon !!"
Arielle, Simone, Rivka

It looks like someone's Father got her a Birthday cake !   Happy 7th Birthday Emmanuele !!!

It's groovy to have an outdoor Birthday Party !


Choose One, Daniel is:   A. doing some hot coals walking, or
B. Engaging in the ancient Jewish ritual of  " Varmingupdertuchus "


On a Ferry Trip, Benjamin and David had time to talk and discovered their mutual love of Lawrence Welk re-runs. Nothing can separate them now!

The whiteboard in the Teen Room at the end of Camp.
Program note for next year: A session on why we don't use the word Luck.

Dancing the Hora in a blinding rainstorm seemed like a great idea to
Arielle & Arielle, so they convinced the others to join in!

David, Daniel, Whittaker, Arielle & Arielle (the name so nice we used
it twice) show some fancy footwork in the puddles. Nice job by all.

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