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The Teen Expedition to the Top of the Mountain


The view from the top, looking down at Trout Pond

Naomi said: "Don't worry Rodney, I'll lead the way"

David said: "You're now at 44'25'34" Latitude by 73'33'46" Longitude and looking West by Southwest.  Always the Geek.

Jonathan was about to ride his Harley to the top when Cousin Whittaker
informed him that it would be a violation of APA rules. Oh well.

Daniel tried some of his Jew-Jitsu moves on Michael.

With the group at the top, Whittaker & Deb decide that now . .

. . would be a good time for those Toothpaste Ad Photos !

Once at the top, Mike morphed into Vinnie Labiondo, Muscle Shirt Tough Guy, on leave from his job at the Pizza Store

This is so much better than the mean streets of Montreal where my crew is from, I wonder if the Keeseville Pizza joint needs a Dough Man?


oh nnnoooooooooooooooooo, we just looked down !!!!

On the way up, Daniel & Deb had a contest for who could invent the best communication device while climbing to the top.
Daniel invented this primitive Semaphore. Deborah invented a multi-function cell phone. Contest Results: The Girl Wins
Our suggestion to Daniel:  Stay with it, challenge her to a re-match, best 2 out of 3.
UPDATE: We just received word that Deb may not have actually invented her cell phone. Stay tuned for the Judges Decision

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