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This page contains photos of the Camp Shoshanah Messianic Bible Study Camp taken during 2011.  While the main purpose of Camp is the study of the Scriptures from a Jewish frame of reference, we always manage to have a lot of Kosher fun, and these photos mainly show the fun!

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum is a Jewish believer in Messiah Jesus and an internationally known Bible scholar. He teaches two or more
Bible classes each day, and is always happy to answer questions after class. Other instructors teach in their Biblical specialties.

Families often come, there are classes for all ages. They won: "Best Smiles"

We're from New York City, Ya wanna know where to get the best Pastrami?

We like alert Bible students !

We have a playground, kids only!

Hora on our beach, Sunday evening

Standing on the rug was part of the rules, at least that's what David told them

Camp Shoshanah has some very well-fed chipmunks, thanks Uncle Arnold !!

Olympic Volleyball semi-finals.  (Did we mention this is the Keeseville Olympics?)

Messianic Dance on our beach

David ran a great Youth program

Both the North and South Islands of New Zealand were represented, Kiwis!

Whether you're from Buda or Pest, Hungarians love to come to Camp !

New Zealand sent 3, so Australia sent 6. Be nice to each other Anzacs.

Oh Canada!


Rivkah sings a song of praise using an Am chord with a capo on fret 3.

Israeli folk dancing, getting ready for the Millennial Kingdom.

Some Lions have golden manes, and so do some Jewish boys. (G chord)

Bible class is in session!

Not to be outdone by her older siblings, Judeya lifts her voice. Go K8 !

Michael Gabizon is one of our Instructors, he is a second-generation Jewish believer in Messiah and is active in a Messianic Congregation. We're Kvelling.

We gather for a more formal meal on Friday evening, as we welcome Shabbat.
Mottel Baleston
Shabbat begins just before sundown Friday evening with the
Hebrew Kiddush blessing chanted over the Fruit of the Vine.

Markus and many kids at Camp were encouraged by Dan

At this Shabbat Service & dinner Brynn & many others remembered
friend & Camp Chaplin Daniel Rigney. We have a page of memories posted

Missy tells of Dan Rigney's impact on her family

Terry shares

Roberto has a ministry in the Southwest

We always have good Bible Study, often accompanied by smiles

Our Wednesday Fire Drills look very much like a Group Photo shot

Steven Ger is a Jewish believer and author of several Bible commentaries

Mottel Baleston teaches Jewish History.
He first came to Camp Shoshanah as a student in 1978

The fellow on the left told a joke in Yiddish, the next guy told one in Hebrew,
the lady shared one in Russian and the last one was told in Kazahk.
Welcome to Camp Shoshanah!

Mix & Match Music Teams, never the same group twice

Looks like the audience from Talent Show night.
(Sometimes called "Talent Optional Night")

Expert Computer Game advice available from these guys during lunch

As soon as he saw the camera, Bernardo buried his face in a scholarly book.
Good thing, the Photographer is the author.

One brother is a PC, the other is a MAC. 
Mom said: Did you sneak that Apple sticker onto your brother's HP?
Son said: "Am I my brothers sticker?"

Young people who serve as staff. Two are the children of a couple who
met here 30 years ago

Waiting for the Shabbat service and meal to begin

Will Rogers was a Humorist, and so is our own TL Adamson, who does his 'shtick' on Talent night. Sounds like a science lecture for the first minute, then turns zany, lampooning politicians. TL !!

Cookout at the beach every Sunday evening. Theological discussion available.

Cookout at the beach every Sunday evening. Kosher franks available.

Rivkah makes Challah for Shabbos, just like her Bubbeh did

Praise dance, Sharon and her Talmidot

Whether you need a house designed, an essay on Economics, a saxophone solo, a Mediterranean meal, some Adobe flash coding, or simply want to experience being body slammed by someone also capable of a sweet smile,
this versatile family is your one call. Just figure out who does what.

Hannah & Michael Gabizon, the newest members of the Ariel staff, pose with MaryAnn & Arnold Fruchtenbaum, the original members of the Ariel staff.

Jacques Isaac Gabizon leads a Messianic Congregation in Montreal, and teaches at Camp Shoshanah

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