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Messianic Bible Discipleship program in New York at Camp Shoshanah Summer 2015

This page contains many photos of the Camp Shoshanah Messianic Bible Study Camp taken during 2015. While the main purpose of Camp is the study of the Scriptures from a Jewish frame of reference, we always manage to have a lot of Kosher fun, and these photos mainly show the fun!

A portion of the students & instructors for one week.

Some of the students in Bible class: a new Pastor from Australia, a Bible teacher reaching Jewish people in Budapest,
a woman who came out of ultra-Orthodox Judaism,  a Pastor of an underground Church in China, a veteran outreach worker from Israel,
a new appointee to Israel, a couple who host a Bible study in England, an Elder at a Messianic Congregation,
a Methodist Pastor, a Jewish believer who teaches a Men's Bible study, a young Messianic couple seeking God's will re full-time ministry.

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum teaches the scriptures

Mottel shmoozes with David & Betsie.

Praise Band configuration 4b

Praise Band configuration 2e

Praise Band configuration 15d

Children of the adult students had their own Bible sessions. Languages spoken fluently: Hebrew, French, Russian, German, Hungarian & English.

Afternoons were free for recreation

Mottel, Cary & Rich

After each of the Bible classes there was time for questions

Mikey's Shabbos Band singing their famous "Am Yisrael Chai / Havenu Shalom Alechem" medley

"It's Shabbos, eat some fish"

Lighting the Shabbat candles

Survivors of Arnold's Israel Tour

Teachers: Michael Gabizon, Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum,
Dr. Mark Adler, Mottel Baleston

No cookout is complete without Israeli Praise Dance

When a student had to miss a year, we got on FB to say: We Miss You!

New friendships were made!

Ministry leaders on 3 continents

Örülünk, hogy Budapesten él !

Dr. Mark Adler teaches the Scriptures!


Gal Pals

You can always spot the newlyweds

Sonata for a Pastor, a Graduate student, a Jazz Pianist & a Challah Baker

Whether you live in Toronto or Jerusalem, Schmooze!


G'day, Ow ya goin mate.  (they must be from Australia)

Just in case you don't recognize the flag, Daniel wore the shirt. Oh, Canada.

Singing one of the songs you only sing at Camp

With those shades, we don't even recognize Josh & Markus. Not.

It's 2015, but here's a preview of the main Praise Band 2018

The latest in Continental & North American fashion.


Yet another Group photo, different week

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum has taught 2 generations of students, many who went on into their own teaching ministries

Volleyball International Finals

Every Volleyball Game needs a Folk Singer

Basement exercise workout space, known as the Dungeon of Schvitz

Some Sunday afternoons finds us picnicking at the Lake

Cool teens gather on the dock

Were they learning "Am Yisrael Chai"?

Matthew volunteered to help so he could play with the balloons

Some students took a tourist boat ride on Lake Placid

Vincent is sure this will kick-start his fashion photography career


Mottel teaches the scriptures

Dr. Fruchtenbaum says: "I shep nachas from these two!"   (google it)

Rita & Ivan Nagy completed the 5 year class cycle in 2015 and were awarded their Diplomas by Dr. Fruchtenbaum. They have an active ministry in Budapest. Our daily class schedule includes 3 classes in the morning, 2 hours in the evening, with the afternoon free for recreation. The entire set of courses offered is fully covered during a cycle of five summers. The following courses are taught during each 5 year class cycle:

The Book of Isaiah 
The Book of Proverbs 
Zionism and the History of Israel 
Eschatology: Study of the Last Days
Messianic Jewish Epistles:
       Hebrews, 1st, 2nd Peter, James
Rabbinic & Messianic Views of
                         Messianic Prophecy
Ecclesiology: The Study of the Church
Holocaust: History & Theology 
Ministries and Gifts of the Holy Spirit 
Israelology: Doctrine of Israel in the Scriptures
Jewish History - Comprehensive
Issues in Messianic Jewish Theology 
The Book of Acts
Bible Study Methods
The Book of Jeremiah
The Book of Galatians 
Design for Discipleship 
The Minor Prophets 
Messianic Jewish History
Jewish Family Life 
The Plan of the Ages 
The Covenants of the Bible
The Spiritual Life
The Book of Ezekiel 
The Book of Daniel 
The Feasts of Israel

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Students & Staff At Camp Post Photos, Yes They Do !!

We say without fear of contradiction: Camp Shoshanah has the most diverse group of Bible Students EVER !!

Arlene has friends around the world !!

Thanks to Sam, Emily is no longer feeling vertically challenged.
Thanks to Sam, Emily now needs an Aussie phrase book.

Thanks to Sam, Vincent is no longer feeling vertically challenged.

dat's all !!