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This page contains photos of the Camp Shoshanah Messianic Bible Study Camp taken during 2016. The main purpose of Camp
 is the study of the Scriptures from a Jewish frame of reference to produce mature disciples of Messiah Yeshua / Jesus.
At the same time we always manage to have a lot of Kosher fun, and these photos often show the fun!

Part of the Dining Hall & Office complex with the playground in front

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum is a Jewish believer in Messiah Jesus and an internationally known Bible scholar. He teaches two or more
Bible classes each day, and is always happy to answer questions after class. Other instructors teach in their Biblical specialties.

Each class begins with 2 songs of praise

Plenty of time for fellowship before and after class

Teacher Dr. Roger Leibi is an expert in Biblical Archeology & Backgrounds

Our new Dining Hall serves delicious meals, says Mottel, Mal & Mark

Students from many Nations!

Am Yisrael Chai! - Yeshua hu HaMasiach!

Camp Shoshanah is so good that Bakul & Jenet came all the way from India

New Zealand was represented by a singing group: "Shaking Kiwis"!

Lift that Hungarian flag if you think Zoltan is a way cool name

Pastor Wion & Shirley say Liberians find liberation in Yeshua the Messiah!

Beth is a UK Union Jack Girl

Philippe lives near the French / Swiss border & can't make up his mind!

Dr. Roger Liebi with his Swiss Bible students.
Knock, Knock!! 
"Who's there?" "Little old lady." "Little old lady who?" "I didn't know you could yodel!"

Check out the Czech flag held by Eliska

The Son rises in Yoshi's heart in Japan

There were so many from Canada, just 2 hours north of Camp, that we
needed 2 different weeks to get them all in. Go Canucks!

A partial group portrait, August 2016

Camp Shoshanah is on Trout Pond, and since afternoons are free for recreation, why not!!

See the 'flag' photos above, they're watching them being made

On Sunday we have a meal near the beach, and Israeli dancing

A portion of the updated landscaping

Marcus & Josiah know how to get around camp

Simon & the Family Band lead praise at the lake

Horticultural Tip: Coleus does especially well near bike racks

Part of the updated landscaping

Steve Ger is one of the Teachers, answering Bible questions after class

Steve Ger is a Jewish believer and the author of major commentaries on the Book of Acts and the Book of Hebrews

The Kids Class is so much fun with Mrs Vincent & Miss Ariel

Singing one of those songs you sing at Summer camp

The teens preparing their report on Creationism vs. Evolution. They studied the evidence for God's design in our created universe.

The teens in a teen activity that teens do in our teen program

Diligent Bible students both during and after class. Of course, if you just want to schmooze after class that's fine too. (shout-out to T.L & Terry)

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum has taught 2 generations of committed Bible students and has authored over 15 major Bible, Doctrinal and Commentary books. He leads in-depth study trips to Israel every year and has authored a guide book for Biblical Geography. He has discipled many who have gone on to disciple many more. He now uses PowerPoint to help present the material (above), and for the Shabbat dinner and Friday evening classes it's his custom to wear the Biblical Tzitzit.


Mottel Baleston teaches a class.

Mottel Baleston served & taught as a Messianic Rabbi for 17 years.
He first came to Camp Shoshanah as a student in 1978

Stephen & Kori with Mottel

Daniel, Matthew & Steven believe symmetry is very important

Clinton & Karen have 3 young disciples

3 generations of this family love studying Bible at Camp Shoshanah

Q: Any single young guys study Bible at Camp?
A: Yes

Whatever the language, Eliska speaks it

Mr. Slight of Hand

Vincent & Missy
She teaches him office work,
he teaches her Cobol++ programming code

Everyone was posed, then Vincent darts in, Baby Talia sez: SECURITY!

Talent night brings out all sorts of skits, this group actually rehearsed!

Ben & Megan say Blue is Best, Shannon & Daniel say Orange is Outrageous

ANNA & THE SISTERS, top new Indie music group for 2016

Steve Ger teaches Bible for 'reals' (as the kids say)


The coolest camps give their staff lime green T-shirts

The family band is expanding
My sister Sarah may be Chief Cook, but I'm the Cake Boss says Bethany
On Shabbat our staff turn out 5 star meals. (4 stars other days)

When you have an International Bible Scholar to yourself, ask questions!

Denise, Mottel & Manny of the Baby Boomers Club say "Howdy Doody"

Whether you grill your Kosher Hebrew National on a barrel Grill, or . . .

. . . over a campfire the way Moshe Rabbenu did, GRILL !

Since Matthew is wearing the
Daniel figured the safest place is behind him.

A young disciple has been entrusted to
Anne & Jonathan

This photo is longer since it would be a crime to leave out those sneakers on Markus. Not that you can miss them.


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