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CAMP SHOSHANAH PHOTOS - 2017 - preliminary, more pics to come

This page has photos of the Camp Shoshanah Messianic Bible Study Program taken during Summer 2017. The main purpose of Camp is the study of the Scriptures from the original Jewish frame of reference leading to being mature disciples of Messiah Yeshua.
We always manage to have a lot of Kosher fun, and these photos mainly show the fun! 

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum is a Jewish believer in Messiah Jesus and an internationally known Bible scholar. He teaches two or more
Bible classes each day, and is always happy to answer questions after class. Other instructors teach in their Biblical specialties.

Partial group photo from week 5 of Bible Study camp.  Director Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum is at right

Instructor Mottel Baleston was brought up in the Jewish community of New York City and has served as a Messianic Rabbi in New Jersey

Instructor John Kanter was brought up in the Jewish community of Los Angeles and served in leadership of a Messianic Congregation in Texas

Before every Bible teaching class we sing 2 songs of worship led by a team of students

Between classes there's plenty of  time for fellowship & discussion, questions & answers

Instructor Jeff Gutterman was brought up in the Jewish community of New York City and serves as Director of the Dallas branch of Ariel Study Center

Instructor Richard Hill is in Messianic Ministry and taught on Galatians

More songs of praise before class led by a team of students

The teaching of the scriptures is central to Camp Shoshanah, but we always have lots of fellowship & fun!

Brothers in Messiah singing praise

Instructor Thom Huckel is in Messianic Ministry and taught on Outreach

Camp Shoshanah Bookstore & Shmata Shop

People forget that it gets chilly at night and don't bring jackets. Not to fear !

Books, DVDs, Postcards

Hats, Pens, Mugs, Rare Books !!

There is a full program for children of adult students with age groupings

Younger children have Bible classes, Crafts & Recreation

We gather for a more formal meal on Friday evening, as we welcome Shabbat with praise song & dance,
and the traditional candle lighting and the blessing over the Fruit of the Vine and Sabbath Challah

Singing songs of Praise, young people of the Children's program

Lighting the candles as we welcome Shabbat.

We chant the Hebrew 'Motzi' blessing over the Shabbos Challah.

"L'hadlik Nerot Shabbat"

Families & new friends around the table at Shabbat dinner

We do Israeli Dance & Praise Dance at every Shabbat Dinner Celebration. Live Band!

A certificate is given at the Shabbat Dinner to those completing the 5 year cycle of classes.

Mac and Allie are from New Zealand

Yoshi is from Japan

Julian is from Wisconsin

Bakul is from India


You were expecting Arctic Parkas and Ice Skates, Eh ??

New Zealand had 3 North Islanders, 1 from South Island, 1 from the middle.
Is there a future Prime Minister here?? - RUN MATTHEW RUN !!

You only need 1 from Australia to match 5 from New Zealand, sez Chris
(be nice to each other Anzacs or it's just Marmite in your stockings)

We're from Liberia where we speak English & have liberation in Messiah !!

Alle drei leben in Deutschland, die beiden auf der rechten Seite
sind glückliche Brautpaare.

Vive la France, mais pour la vie éternelle, crois au Messie!

A Magyar családok szeretik a Messiást!

Lidé v České republice by měli věřit v Mesiáše Ježíše!

These colours are the Union Jack, I've been waiting a fortnight to show them!


Sunday Evening Cookout at Camp Shoshanah Beach
Yes, part of the 400 acres of Camp Shoshanah includes a sandy beach on scenic Trout Pond. Cookout, Songs & Praise Dance


Yes, those are AUTHENTIC HEBREW NATIONALS - "We answer to a Higher Authority"

Cook over the Campfire or Fireplace, your choice. That's Grace!

Graham Crackers & Chocolate were nearby for the S'mores

Abagail believes she has spotted the elusive "Gershon the Gefilte Fish" of Trout Pond.

Simon & his merry band of music makers

Israeli & Praise Dance on the Beach

Midnight over Trout Pond, Camp Shoshanah (thanks to Elliot S, the wireless networking maven)


Camp Shoshanah 2017 Video
 - a birds eye view from a drone!
Thanks to Daniel K. for this video


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