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Camp Shoshanah is a Messianic Jewish Bible study program open to all believers in Yeshua. 1974 was our first year, and the Lord has blessed and grown the Camp. This page contains MANY photos of the Camp Shoshanah Messianic Bible Study Camp taken during 2018. While the main purpose of Camp is the study of the Scriptures from a Jewish frame of reference, we always manage to have a lot of Kosher fun, and these photos often show the fun!

The core purpose of the Ariel Ministries Messianic Bible Study Program at Camp Shoshanah is the the teaching of the Scriptures from their original Jewish
frame of reference, for the purpose of making mature disciples of Jesus the Messiah. Some weeks schedule 4 hours of classes per day, others 5 and a half!

Classes are taught by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, and other skilled Messianic teachers, Mottel Baleston is seen above.

Dr. Richard Hill leads a Messianic congregation in Nevada, and is one of the instructors at Camp Shoshanah

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum is a Jewish believer in Messiah Jesus, an internationally known Bible scholar and the founder of the program.
He teaches two or more Bible classes each day, and is always ready to answer questions after class.

Music, Praise & Worship begins each class at Camp

Each Wednesday evening after classes, a Talent Show is held

Some young men sing praise at the Talent Show. Dress code was simple: Black shirt, Denim pants. - Footwear: "Come as you are"


Group Photo week 2

At a family camp, Dads & Moms handing off kids is a common sight

Troy was in our first wave of students back in the 1980's. Now a Bible teacher in California, he introduced wife Laura to camp, and to a lunch spot in town

Two out of Two young Architects say:
"We found no Structural Dissonance in the camp curriculum, it is certified ready for occupancy"


5 veterans of the Israeli Army in 1 photo. Kol HaKvod !!

The sun never sets on Beth's love for Britannia, and so she's above
her Commonwealth subjects below:

Liberians find liberation in Messiah Jesus !!

New Zealand English & Maori live in peace at Camp Shoshanah !

These 3 guys represented Japan in week 2

By week 5 Hiroshi had left, but 3 more Japan residents arrived

Your Editor made a snarkey Yodel joke under their photo in 2016, so this year the Swiss crew presented a real Yodel Duo for Talent Show. Touche.

India says: Hodu L'Adonai Ki Tov !! 
(note the clever Hebrew play on words)


Jackie & Fritz tell Hannah about the Messianic congregation they visited in Haifa, Israel.  Hannah: "Oh really, describe it to me"

Beth & Joni send a shout-out to Yoshi

Single young guys? We got 'em, two from Moody Bible School and one from a Tech college.

Your humble website editor heard the announcement: "Would all the attractive, young people assemble on the porch for photos" - Of course, I headed there.
They handed me the camera.


L'hadlik nerot shel Shabbat

Shabbos Shirim

Saying Motzi over the Challah, baked in our own kitchens

Students & Staff At Camp Post Photos, Yes They Do !!

QUIZ: What do you call a Teen, College & Young Career group that fluently speaks French, Korean, Russian, English, Japanese & Hebrew ?? 
ANSWER: "These Guys"

What does the Teen Group do on Thursday evenings? Take a walk around the Camp Shoshanah lake, that's what.

They were hoping to catch Gefilte Fish in our lake, instead they just caught this Traif catfish. (Minors can fish, adults need a NY license)


Tomorrow: Pastors, FBI Agents, Missionaries, Doctors, Fine Cabinet Makers & Engineers. - Today: Goofy faces for a selfie

Dr. Fruchtenbaum und Dr. Liebi, Jewish Doctors, experts in what ails you.

" . . and when you come to our house, we'll give you Borsht and Sour Cream"

 They're all following Daniel's lead.  -  NOT!

Israeli & Praise dance on the beach.

Whiteface Mtn. at Lake Placid is a resort destination, and only 1 hour from Camp Shoshanah, and you can drive most of the way to the top.

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