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ARIEL'S SCHOOL OF MESSIANIC JEWISH STUDIES - Photos from Fall 2015 to Spring 2016

- From September 2015 thru March 2016 a one year intensive Messianic Bible School was held on the grounds of Camp Shoshanah. Although the student body was not large, it was dedicated.
- Messianic Teachers included School Founder Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, as well as Mottel Baleston, Chris Eisbrenner, John Metzger, John Kanter, Steve Ger, Isaac Gabizon, Peter Parkas & Mitch Triestman.
- If there is sufficient interest, additional Fall, Winter or Spring sessions may be held in the future
- Plans are now underway for Online Class Offerings. Watch the main Ariel website for info

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum teaching at Ariel School of Messianic Jewish Studies
Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum is the founder of the School,  a Jewish believer in Messiah Jesus and an internationally known Bible scholar. He teaches
two or more Bible classes each day, and is always happy to answer questions after class. Other instructors teach in their Biblical specialties.

Todd  and Ben are serious students. Usually.
Teaching biblical holy days at the Ariel Messianic School
Mottel Baleston teaching about the Biblical Passover elements
Mottel Baleston blows Shofar at the Ariel Messianic School
Sounding the Shofar, the Ram's Horn

Dr. Fruchtenbaum teaches on the Life of Messiah

The serving crew for the first Shabbat at the School

Tina is a staff member and is working on School matters

Library at Ariel School of Messianic Jewish Studies
Our School Library is just beginning, only the best Bible study & reference books !

Instructor John Kanter

Instructor Mitch Triestman

At the Friday evening Shabbat Dinner

Foreign student gets intro to American cookie making at staff members home

A student studies in his dorm room

Instructor John Metzger

Mottel Baleston teaching "Introduction to Biblical Hebrew"


Autumn at Camp Shoshanah, Ariel School of Messianic Jewish Studies
photos above by Mottel, with a little help from Photoshop!

South end of our Lake, Trout Pond, taken by professional photographer Ben Kravitz (yes, son #2)

Camp Shoshanah grounds in January 2016

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