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Servants On Wheels Ever Ready - SOWERS !!
at Camp Shoshanah - WE LOVE THE SOWERS !!

Servants On Wheels Ever Ready (SOWERS) is a non-profit, non-denominational, working ministry made up of born again Christian RVers. The home office is located near Tyler, TX.

For 15 years the Sowers have helped with much needed improvements to Camp Shoshanah, a Bible teaching family camp in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York State. The work the Sowers have done is visible all around here. We really appreciate The Sowers !!

For over 45 years Camp Shoshanah has been the home of the Ariel Ministries Messianic Bible teaching and Discipleship program. The 5 year summer school was originally designed to disciple new Jewish believers in Messiah Jesus, and many of these went on to full-time evangelical ministry. The program is now open to all, regardless of background. The doctrine is fully evangelical, similar to what might be taught at schools like Moody Bible. Sowers are welcome to attend classes, most of which are taught by Jewish men who are born-again believers in Jesus. Retired Camp Directors Gary & Missy Demers have become friends to many Sowers, AND New Directors Joe & Cindy Avecedo look to continue that good relationship. They have a nice RV park for YOU !!

George & Beth, Harold & Phyllis, Bob & Nadine, Charlie & Deanna, Dennis & Mary, Mal & Debbie - 2008

Sower Men doing some Roof Sheathing - 2010

2011 SOWERS: Jenny, Don, Kim, Rod, Mary and Dennis.

In 2011 the big push was to get the new Camp Dining Hall
and Classrooms ready for use. Sowers were a big help !!

Like the way the new Dining Hall cabinets look?? Thanks Mary !

Jenny & Don: Voted Fastest Tile Laying Couple 2011 !!

Working on the new Dining Hall, Mal & others did much of the wiring, 2011

A sower brought a young tradesman friend to help put down tile

Sowers at Camp 2007 in front of the new Dining Hall, being built at the time

In 2008 Mal Wall wired !

SOWER Men work on the new Hall

Servants on Wheels Ever Ready (Sowers) are a group of recent retirees who travel via RV's and help ministries like ours with physical needs. They wired the new building, and helped with the Kitchen & many other tasks.  
Camp Directors Gary & Missy, as well as the Students are so thankful for all you do!


SOWERS at Camp Shoshanah 2013 - THANKS A BUNCH !!


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