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on the occasion of the Dedication of the Carl & Dorothea Starks Dining Hall
OF the Ariel Ministries Messianic Bible Study Program at Camp Shoshanah 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Carl & Dorothea Starks first attended Camp Shoshanah around 1976 with their children as students in the Messianic Bible Study Program. Noting the somewhat eclectic approach to meals in that post-hippie era, they offered to put the kitchen in order and run it for several years. Carl, using his engineering training, noted electrical, water & other systems that needed work, and set about to upgrade them. Dot served as Chief Cook starting around 1978, and in spite of initial plans, she & Carl wound up serving the Lord at Camp for over 25 years.

Up through the early 1980's the old main Camp building was small, with both meals & classes in the same room & a small kitchen at the end.
In 1982 Dot mixed and rolled dough for dessert pastries by hand, using an old Starks family recipe. It's 1982, notice the Dashiki, groovy.

In 1983 the Kitchen Crew presented a Skit on Extravaganza Night. From left:  Deborah B, Marilyn J, unknown, Dot, Dot's granddaughter

In 1984 a new section was added to the main dining hall/classroom, adding 40% more space. The kitchen gained space as well. These two 1984 photos
show Dot & Carl and the lunch line, from outside & in. Note the large swinging shutters overhead, they had a pulley system Carl designed.

Carl supervised a US Army Camp in Iceland during World War 2, attaining the rank of Captain. He later studied Engineering, and observed that the
Camp water system was lacking. He proposed a water holding tank be placed on the hill above Camp.
In 1992 he and Facilities Director Daniel Rigney built a wood form on a bedrock outcrop above Camp, poured concrete and had their Tank foundation.
Camp Veterans: Remember Carl's 6:45 am wake up announcements with the Stream Train recording, louder & louder?? Think Army Reveille.

Both Dot and Carl Starks were two of the most humble, self-effacing servants of Messiah Jesus you could ever hope to meet, a trait they passed on to their children. They never drew attention to themselves and quietly and competently went about their tasks.

They sought to avoid recognition and during this Shabbat Dinner in 1985 it was only because it was a surprise that Carl was present when his work for the Camp was recognized.

In 1987 Israeli Dancing was recreation almost every evening. After classes, we'd fold up the tables that served for both meals and study,
and Dot's son at far right would instruct, lead, and call out the steps. No AC, no Computers, no Cell phones. Dot in the denim skirt.

In 1988 this was Dot & Carl's Volkswagen Van that they left at Camp Shoshanah. It served for picking up and hauling food, supplies & people.

By 1998, the Kitchen and serving area had been enlarged and an efficient food service ordering, preparation & serving system was in place.
Dot's daughter was serving alongside her, along with a few other family members, as well as local young people.
Even as the main responsibility was passed to others by 2003, facilities directors Gary & Missy Demers ensured Dot's system was carried forward.
One of Dot's daughters continues volunteering each weekend through the present day with the humble, self-effacing servant attitude Dot & Carl modeled.
(The 25th Anniversary banner in back is the Camp's Anniversary, 25th year of Camp, 1973 - 1998)

By 1998 Dot could see the years of hard work really paying off. Commercial quality equipment was now in use in an enlarged kitchen. Dot Starks took a very primitive Kitchen and transformed it into a first rate Food Service, all on a shoe-string budget, all the while managing a Kosher style meal here and there. At the Sunday evening cookout at Trout Pond, she could see the Lord's hand in all this.

Through all this time, she continued the main pursuit that had first brought her to Camp Shoshanah, the study of God's Word in it's original context. She would always approach the Adult Bible instructors for copies of the their teaching notes, and would always ask questions about the material. This info she would use for both her personal study and with the Bible class she taught back in Ohio.

The photo at left and above are from 2001, and the caption on Carl's T-shirt:
"75 ISN'T OLD - IF YOU'RE A TREE" is the dry wit we often saw from Carl.


Even after she turned over the responsibility of Chief Cook to her daughter, Dot continued to help out at every opportunity. In 2004 she helped serve food at the Sunday evening cookout.

In August 2005 we began work on a new Dining Hall. Dot & her daughter wielded shovels and helped break ground.
Dorothea went to be with her Lord in December 2006, husband Carl was greeted by his Savior in 2002.
At her passing the family requested gifts be given to a Messianic outreach organization.

In Summer 2013 the Dorothea & Carl Starks Dining Hall was dedicated and in full use.

"Well done, good and faithful servants  .  .  .  Enter into the joy of your Master"

Text by Mottel, Photos by Arlene and Mottel

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The Dorothea & Carl Starks Dining Hall 2013

On August 2, 2013 the Dining Hall was dedicated with a Friday evening Shabbat Service, with Israeli dancing, a dedication service & prayer &
several members of the Starks family in attendance.

Still some landscaping to be done & finishing of the basement level, but we're on our way!

A Friday evening Shabbat service

Believers shared a word of praise & encouragement

.  .  .  and here's the Dedication Plaque, in the workroom, almost finished. The top line in Hebrew sounds this way:
"Cheder HaOchel Starks", the second line is the name Carl & Dorothea Starks spelled with Hebrew letters.

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